Complete Your Outfit with Men's Jewelry

Men’s jewelry is trending. Yes, it seems old is new again. Men’s rings, chains, pendants, cufflinks bracelets and lapel pins are once again becoming essential attire for the man who wants to say something. Historically, used to delineate a man’s ideology, affiliation or status, today’s jewelry can also add whimsical, adventure, sophistication and edge to a man’s wardrobe. Jewelry is a man’s punctuation and the right punctuation can change his message. With designers and design houses such as Stephen WebsterKing Baby, and Galea Hall men are increasingly able to assemble jewelry of spectacular lexicons and tones that communicate ‘who they are’.  Whether attending to business, or bellowing the flames of their casual persuasions, a revitalized interest in jewelry is helping men sidestep conformity to shine a spotlight on their identities.

The emerging focus on jewelry for men, however, does not come without some stress. It seems men are on the forefront of a fashion blast. We are still swirling from the advent of metrosexuals, man-scaping regimes, and spa visits and in recent years, have flamed a resurgence of facial hair, body art and fedoras. With a fashion pallet that extends a full spectrum of choices, navigating a new accessory line isn’t easy.  So to help you make an informed choice, we offer some tips to help you quickly grow the essentials of your masculine jewelry collection. In today’s world of ‘jewelry online shopping’, it’s never been easier to get the style that you want.

First, some general advice. If you want to get the most wear out of your collection, look for pieces that have timeless designs, with strong edging and clean geometric patterns. These pieces can be elegant and bold and transfer more easily to different styles. When considering a design, ask yourself, ‘can it wear just as well in a boardroom as it can on my Harley.’ If the answer is ‘yes’, well then you found yourself a versatile piece. If you’re already a jewelry aficionado, then you are likely more adventurous and your collection can house a strong statement piece – be you, have fun. Always watch out for over polished pieces that have dulled and uneven edges, and avoid pieces that have bleeding detail lines – all lines should be crisp. You’re looking for craftsmanship not mass production and the finish can tell you a lot about the care that was taken to create your purchase. Pictures on digital screens are unforgiving so use it to your advantage when inspecting your purchase online before you buy. If you see what appears to be a blemish then assume that it is. Don’t be afraid to celebrate precious metals. Silver, gold and platinum provide a healthy price range to accommodate everyone’s budget, so leave, silicon, stainless steel, titanium and forged carbon to their industrial uses – you don’t wear your car tires, do you. The addition of materials and patinas, such as, oxides, woods, corals, bone, enamels and shells, to precious metals is always a nice touch when it still allows the underlying metal to take its place on stage. Yes, we’re shaming platting.

Essential No. 1: Men’s Fashion Rings

Simply, rings are great. Always visible, it only takes one ring to make your point - especially if you’re a hand talker - and you have no less than 10 reasons to buy a fantastic ring. Beyond wedding bands and comfort rings, we see signets once again on the rise in popularity. These are powerful rings that cut the curvature of the finger with a heavy top platform. Today you can find signets of all sizes and shapes that pay homage to traditional styles with modern flares. Chunky, etched silver bands are on the top of the stylish rings list for men, and these rings go great with every outfit.

Essential No. 2: Necklaces: Chains and Pendants

Necklaces are widely popular among men today. Trendy necklaces vary from thick curb chains popularized by hip-hop artists and a more recent appearance on the scene of slender cords and chains that sit tighter against the neckline or hang low with a pendant over a sweater or shirt. Online stores, offer an array of options for men’s jewelry including a healthy selection of modern chain necklaces and pendant chains fashioned from leather to precious metals, colorized and adorned with precious stones.  While there is no shortage of chain styles and variation, finding the right pendant may prove to be a little more difficult. When combining pendants and chains, remember the pendant is the star and so picking that something special and different will require a little more work if you want to be unique.

Essential No. 3. Bracelets and Cuffs

Wrist accessories like bracelets and cuffs, beaded, linked or forged, are adding new weight to iconic accessories like the man’s watch.  Pairing bracelets and cuffs with a watch or on your opposite wrist allows men to achieve emphasis or balance to this time-tested accessory. Unique and limited edition bracelets for men designed by famous jewelry designers, such as Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford are increasingly showcased on jewelry online stores offering a handpicked and trendy range of bracelets designed to be loved and worn by men of all ages. Whether you want simple or outrageous to stand out from the crowd, from sterling silver cuffs to woven bracelets everything is quickly accessible and available online today.

Galea Hall is proud to be part of this ongoing story of men’s designer jewelry. We believe jewelry has the power to enable each individual in a richly diverse community of men around the world to share their true spirit. Explore our online men’s jewelry for our take on masculine jewelry design. Love your man.